When the time comes and you’re deciding whether to buy a new PC (either a laptop, desktop or a server), stop and consider your options. This applies to individuals as well as startups. Did you know you have the option of buying quality refurbished gear from a local, trusted source?

A lot of today’s companies tag a majority of their IT gear “end of life” before it’s really dying or out-of-date. Companies often replace technology on a set schedule with no regard to the individual units’ working condition.

Red Leaf acquires that gear and we put it through a thorough diagnostic and refurbishment process. We do things like installing a reconditioned hard drive, running several tests on the devices’ hardware to determine it’s working condition, cleaning and dusting everything out, among many other steps to return the gear back to like-new condition.

All equipment from Red Leaf comes with a 90 day warranty. The cost savings are quite significant when it comes to buying refurbished vs. new.

Red Leaf offers quality, business-grade equipment from brands like Dell, Lenovo, and HP. We even have an Apple guru in our shop that works on our iMacs, MacBooks, and iOS devices that come our way on occasion. No matter what you buy, our staff will make sure to ask the right questions to find out your exact needs. We’re not going to force you to buy extended warranties or add-on software (we don’t even sell them!) Our mission is to get you great technology at a great price.

For the startups, cost is key. Think about making your dollars go twice as far by saving more than 50% on technology but maintaining the same quality. There’s usually very little reason to buy more power than you need, especially when starting out. You need to make your technology dollars count so you can invest more in staff, marketing, and developing your concept instead of buying costly new technology. Get the power you need to be productive and save the large investments for later to reduce overhead.

All-in-all, if you’re looking for an upgrade, check with us first. Why not save money where you can, especially if it means getting the same quality for a lot less.

Contact us and see how saving can be simple.

The idea for this post came from the following article: https://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000985.htm