Certified Data Destruction

Securely Dispose

& Recycle Your Data Media

We offer multiple certified data destruction services, innovative ways to save you money while maximizing security, all with added peace-of-mind that your data is irrecoverably destroyed.

Onsite or off, we’ve got your data security needs covered

Data Destruction is the name of the game.

Why trust your data with just anyone? In this day and age, it’s very easy to lose track of your sensitive information. No one likes surprises, that’s why we’ve perfected our process for handling and destroying data that also creates options for our clients. 

Whether it’s onsite or off-site, DOD wiped, or physically destroyed with or without photo evidence… the choice is up to you and what your very specific needs may be.  We maintain a perfect record with our customers!

Don’t just trust anyone with your data.  Data breaches occur all of the time, and if you do not entrust this high priority task with the right people, it could come back to haunt you… big time. All of our processes are fully documented, and are able to make special arrangements when needed. We can come to you and work directly on-site, we can bring it back to our location to be processed at our facility, or we can accept walk-ins and drop-offs. Call today and schedule an appointment!

On-Site or Off-Site Destruction
Certified Data Destruction
Secured Chain Of Custody
Certified Data Destruction
D.O.D. Certified Wipe
Certified Data Destruction
Certificate Of Destruction
Certified Data Destruction

On-Site Or Off-Site Physical Data Destruction


It data safety the utmost concern for your business or department? We’ll bring our shredder onsite with us, and follow strict procedures to insure that no breaches will ever occur on our watch.


If time and costs are an issue, we understand. We have created very strict security procedures in order to safely transport data media back to our facilities, where it will be processed according to your preferences.


We take data security very seriously. A data breach is the last thing we’d ever want to see, which is why we work extra hard to insure that will never happen. All of our procedures have been created in order for that to never happen.

Department Of Defense Certified Data Wipe

Opt To Wipe

Some hard drives or other storage media may still have value. We can lower the over-all costs associated with data destruction by performing A D.O.D. data wipe on the drives so that they can be properly recycled.

What Is It?

DoD 5220.22-M is the highest standard in software based data sanitization methods used for various file shredding and data destruction programs that overwrites existing information on a hard drive or other storage device.

Government Level Data Security

The United States Department of Defense recommends this level of data wiping to all government branches, and it the highest level standard set in order to prevent data from ever being retrieve from that drive again.

Secured Chain Of Custody At Monitored Facility

Secure Chain of Custody

You can rest easy knowing we have stringent data security procedures in place at all times, and we’ll never leave sensitive media alone or in a position to be compromised.

Security Procedures

All of our data handling procedures have been thought out and designed with integrity in mind. You’ll never have to worry if there is any more you can do to prevent a breach when working with Red Leaf I.T.

Locked Away

All sensitive hard drives and other storage media is protected and locked away safely at our facility. With limited access we can prevent any unauthorized personnel from ever coming near it.

Certificate Of Destruction With Photo

You Have Needs

Sometimes those needs are for more documentation. Good thing we are here to fulfill those needs. We offer a certificate of destruction in order for you to keep in your records to show the data has been processed appropriately.

Photo Evidence

Our certificate of destruction include conclusive photo evidence that the media has been destroyed. We attempt to get all serial numbers in the photo for matching purposes. We want to provide the best overall experience that we can.

Example Certificate of Destruction