One of the worst parts of buying a new computer from big box stores is bloatware. We don’t like it, so it’s not on computers we sell.

What is bloatware? It’s the nickname for useless, trial versions of programs that come preinstalled on your computer. There are too many to list, but if you look in your Windows start menu, you just might find some (that is, if you didn’t buy it from us).

Bloatware usually isn’t harmful (meaning they’re not viruses or malware) but they do take up what might become valuable space on your computers’ hard drive that you can use for more important things. Sometimes, though, they can be set to start up with your computer and slow things down a bit, which is just plain annoying.

The good news is that you don’t find any bloatware on computers you buy from us. We install the Operating System and nothing else. We believe that you should be in control of what is installed on your computer.

Some retail outlets not only make money from including sponsored bloatware on computers they sell, but they want to charge you to have them remove it! What a rip off!

All in all, No Bloatware is just one of the things that makes Red Leaf the best choice for purchasing your next computer. Check out our selection in our online store (we add new stuff all the time!) or get in touch with us if you’re not finding something specific and we can help you track it down or let you know when it comes in.