In-Store Electronic Drop Off


Stop By Our Location, Drop Off Electronics

Are you in the neighborhood? Do you live or work close by? Feel free to drop in and bring us most any electronic equipment that you would like to have recycled.

We are here and ready to receive your electronic recycling.

In-Store Electronic Drop-Off

We make ourselves readily available everyday (during business hours) to assist and receive your electronics to recycle. Feel free to drop on by at any time, appointments not necessary, whether is an individual piece of equipment or a large truck load, we have the facilities to take care of you.

Do the right thing for the environment and our local communities by openly participating in recycle programs that are designed to keep junk, toxic chemicals, and electronic scrap out of our landfills. We must all work together to do our part.

Click here to see our approved items list to be certain we will accept your items. We are able accept most electronic items in any shape or condition. Feel free to stop by any time during our normal business hours or contact us if you need to arrange for pickups or drop-offs at different times.

Big Or Small Loads
In-Store Electronic Drop Off
Ecologically Responsible
In-Store Electronic Drop Off
Approved Items List
In-Store Electronic Drop Off
Walk-Ins Accepted
In-Store Electronic Drop Off
Convenient Hours
In-Store Electronic Drop Off

Big Loads, Small Loads


Just have a few things you want to properly recycle? We”ll take anything off your hands and see to it that your hard work pays off by not allowing these items to become more trash for the landfills.


Does your company or organization have a lot of equipment to recycle? Bring it straight to our very close facility in the Chesterfield Valley. We have a docking bay that’s ready to receive you.

Helping Hands

Whether it’s a small or big load, we’ll provide some helping hands to get the equipment removed and brought into the facility. ¬†Please note that larger items may require additional assistance, and ask that is provided in those cases.

Walk-Ins Are Always Accepted

In The Neighborhood?

Why not stop by our very convenient location near the new mall in Chesterfield Valley?  We are open every day throughout the week.

Don’t Wait

In a hurry? Do not want to wait for the next pick-up schedule? You are welcome to drop in anytime (during business hours) and we’ll help you to responsibly recycle all of that equipment that’s taking up space.

Check Out What We Have

While you’re in the area, why not come see all of the amazing deals we currently offer in our retail store. Computers, Laptops, Tablets and phones, we have the lowest prices for refurbished equipment in the area.

Do Your Part, Be Ecologically Responsible

Do Your Part

As individuals, we all have a responsibility to do your part in keeping this planet clean and safe of harsh materials, so that our children and grandchildren can grow up in a world freer of toxic gases, chemicals and pollution.

We’ll Do Ours

As a company that deals with hazardous chemicals, and electronics waste, we recognize the importance of our own ecological responsibilities. We work very hard to reduce waste, to recycle, and to make the planet a better place.

Together We Can Help

If we combine our forces we can be an unstoppable team for the benefit of our communities, children, and everyone around us. You bring us the electronics to recycle, and we’ll take it from there.

Convenient Hours & Days

Open For Business

We are open on weekdays for normal business hours. We can also arrange for off-hours pickups or drop-offs if needed, Please call for additional details, to setup an appointment, or to get a free estimate for your job.

Approved Items For Drop-Off

Approved Items List

Please see our list of approved items, as we do not except everything, and a few items may have costs associated with them.