It’s time for a contest!

In order to celebrate the coming Holiday Season, we wanted to do something fun and special.

We are going to give away a very nice Laptop, to a lucky person out there in facebook-land.

This laptop is a Lenovo T420 that comes loaded with Windows 10 loaded, an Intel Core i5 2.40GHz Processor, 6GB Ram, and a super-size 500GB Hard Drive to store all those files. Not too shabby!

A Similar model laptop can be seen here from our online store.

How do you enter to win?

In order to get a ticket into this “Laptop Giveaway Contest”, you must submit a review for Red Leaf IT.

Every review that is completed will earn a ticket into the drawing. The more reviews, the more tickets…

Reviews starting from today 11/22/17 through Cyber Monday will be counted.

The drawing will begin next week after “Cyber Monday”. We will announce the winner, and they will be able to come to the new Red Leaf Retail Store, and claim their prize… an awesome laptop!

Where to enter?

Here are some spots that you can perform a review, and receive a ticket into the contest.

Facebook Page

Google Page….0…1.1.64.psy-ab..0.2.348…0i22i30k1.0.FivisPFur0w#lrd=0x87ded4dc04a13ddf:0x62cee496fab4d8e4,1,,,

Yellow Pages

Scrap Monster

You are not limited to only these sites, however these are the one’s we’ll be monitoring

If you submit a review to a website that is not listed above, please put the link in the comments for validation.

Good Luck!!