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Recycle Those Old Electronics

Electronics recycling is a great way to help conserve resources. Electronic products are made from valuable resources and materials, including precious metals, plastics, and glass, all of which require energy to mine and manufacture. Recycling consumer electronics conserves our natural resources and avoids air and water pollution, as well as greenhouse gas emissions that are caused by manufacturing virgin materials. Red Leaf will take any working or non-working electronic items and reuse any materials we can and recycle what we cannot.

Don’t worry about hidden charges or fees.
Free recycling for most items.

Electronic Recycling Overview

Providing a safe and ecologically sound service that prevents the natural build up of electronic scrap, harmful chemicals, and precious metals from ever entering our over-filled landfills is the core of what we do. We pride ourselves in this work, and want to pass on that reassurance to our clients so they can know, without a doubt, that their green initiatives are being upheld to the highest level.

We offer electronic recycling for Saint Louis and surrounding areas. Whether you drop it off by individual pieces, or by the truckload, we will accept most items at our location for recycling. You can also schedule a pick-up in which we will take all the electronic pieces to have them recycled.

Why go somewhere else that may have hidden charges and fees when you know that we pride ourselves in keeping your costs to an absolute minimum? We want to encourage everyone to do their part, and this is one way we’re able to do that. 

Pick-Ups or Drop-Offs
Free Electronic Recycling
Potentially Earn Some $$
Free Electronic Recycling

Pick-Ups or Drop-Offs

Readily Available

Have a bunch of gear sitting around?  Call us right away and we’ll schedule a free bid and pick-up…. or feel free to drop by anytime, we have professionals here ready to help you.

Call Ahead For Details

Want to know what your gear might be worth?  Don’t want to waste a trip to Chesterfield?  Call ahead of time and we’ll work out all the details and give you a better idea of what we can do for you.

In The Neighborhood?

Feel free to stop by and drop off your electronics (see list of approved items) anytime during normal business hours. Whether it’s a few items or a truck load, we will accept your equipment, and possibly write you a check.

Free (With Few Exceptions)

See List of Approved Items

Most items are free to recycle, however we there are items that are not. The short list is old CRT monitors and TV’s. Their tubes contain hazardous material and the EPA mandates they be handled by certified facilities. We will collect them and deliver to the appropriate place for you. We only pass on the fees we are charged.  See our list of approved items to make sure we will accept all of your gear and what they might be worth.

Free Drop-Offs

Drop-Offs of any size are welcomed (approved items list) at any time. Whether you have a single item, a car load, or a semi-truck, we can handle any job. Heavy loads require strong hands, please call before you arrive to ensure we have the muscle available and not out on pick ups.

Offset the Costs

Do you have a lot of CRT monitors or TV’s? Do you anticipate a cost? Call us before you recycle. We are almost always able to work with our clients to offset costs with the additional gear they may be recycling.

Potentially Earn Some $$

Certain Items Have Residual Value

Your gear still has market value, why give it away? Why get much less for it than you should? We work hard to maximize the value in your gear, which means more money for you. If you’re currently donating your items to charities for a tax write off, consider selling it to us and donating the cash!

Quantities & Older Gear

Most older equipment have very little to no value. However you might be surprised that in some cases we are still able to pay out for the materials in some equipment. Computers & Laptops, Monitors, Apple equipment, give us a call today to see what we can do.

Free Estimates

Not sure what your equipment may be worth? Not happy with what the other guys have offered you. We offer free estimates, and you might be surprised by our efforts to maximize your return.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will accept for recycling?

We will accept anything that is electronic in nature.  This can include computers, laptops, printers, flat screen monitors, parts & components, audio equipment, network equipment, tablets, phones.  Though we will accept almost anything that is electronic, there are some items that require a charge:



CRT Monitor


CRT TV (< 25″)


CRT TV (> 25″)


Projection TV


HDD Destruction (ea.)


There are some things that we will not accept.  Those items include Refrigerators, Stoves, Washers, Dryers, Toasters, Light Bulbs, Thermostats (No Mercury), Hazardous Waste, Paint, Motor Oil, Bio Waste.  If there are any questions please contact us.

For more details check out our list of approved items

Are there any charges?

For the most part we do not charge for our service, and there are never any hidden fees.  There are some items, however, that we will have to charge for in order to cover all associated costs with handling such items.  This includes Commercial Copiers, Large Plotter Printers, CRT (Tube) TV’s & Monitors.

For more details check out our list of approved items


What are your drop off hours?

Our hours are weekdays 9am-5pm.  Other arrangements can be made in some scenarios.

See our contact us page for more details.


Where is your drop off location located?

We are conveniently located near the new outlet mall & airport in Chesterfield, MO.

See our contact us page for more details.


How many items will you accept?

We will accept any amount of items, so long as they are on our approved list. This can be a single item, or a semi-truck load of equipment. If you have a truck load or more of items, it would be a good idea to give us a call beforehand, so we can have enough people available to assist.


What happens to the items we drop off?

The items will be sorted and organized based on what they are. Sometimes items are broken down into parts and the parts are sent for recycling. If there is anything with value that we receive which can be refurbished and re-sold, we will work to ensure that happens.  Everything else will be broken down and recycled appropriately. Any data on devices is always securely destroyed either by securely erasing the data or destroying the medium on which the data is stored.

Does anything leave the country?

We only work with businesses inside the United States, and we ensure that we do not directly send anything outside the country.  It is important to keep these items from ending up overseas, in open pit dumps, that do more harm than good to the environment.