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Located In Chesterfield

Looking for a new computer or laptop? Do you need to fill that new office with LCD monitors? Come down to our retail store, located in Chesterfield, MO, and view our stock first hand.

Come in to drop off IT equipment, leave with a new laptop!

Red Leaf IT Discount Retail Store Overview

Come shop for your new computer or laptop at our recently opened Red Leaf IT Retail Store. We bring you best best business class equipment at the lowest prices everywhere. All of our equipment is examined and fully refurbished by our staff of technical experts. Everything comes with a 90 Day Warranty to ensure that your purchases will always be in the best possible condition for years to come.

We value value… what does that mean? We have taken a look at all of our local competitors and online competitors to compare IT equipment pricing. We were shocked to see such a disparity between prices, it’s almost as if the bigger the company the higher they want to price their items. So we wanted to do something different, we wanted to undercut the higher prices and move higher volumes. We invite you to compare our prices to our local competitors for yourself… you may be shocked!

The equipment available for purchase through our store (and web store) are all sourced from local businesses. We carry the toughest, sleekest, and most modern business class computers, desktops, laptops, phones, tablets, and more! The build quality of devices like this are not the same as that cheaper stuff you’ll find on the shelves inside your local retail outlet. This stuff is made to take abuse last for many years to come!

Business Class Equipment
Discounted Used Computer & IT Refurbishment Retail Store
Lowest Prices Around
Discounted Used Computer & IT Refurbishment Retail Store
Refurbished Computers, & More
Discounted Used Computer & IT Refurbishment Retail Store
90 Day Warranty
Discounted Used Computer & IT Refurbishment Retail Store

Business Class Equipment

Built To Last

Unlike traditional consumer bought computers, that have a tendency to fall apart with frequent use, these rugged business class computers will stand the test of time, and the look nice too.

Name Brands

We carry all of the important name brands you would want to find in a retail store. None of those cheap one-off models that lose value the second you pay for it. Here you’ll find brands like Dell, Lenovo, HP, Cisco, Apple, and more.

New Life

Gain new life out of these products, as they have been put through a rigorous process of refurbishment and loaded with a new operating system and drivers. These machines will last for years to come.

Used Laptops, Desktops & More

Full Computers

We offer a range of different computers, laptops, monitors and all the accessories you’ll ever want. We personally refurbish these systems, and offer a warranty to protect you, and excellent customer support in case there is ever a problem.

Laptops & Handhelds

We also offer a range of excellent business laptops and handhelds ranging in brands like Dell, Apple, Microsoft, Lenonvo, and more! Power up your new laptop and take it on the road with you, because it’s protected by our 90 Day Warranty.

Network Equipment

Are you in the market for some cost effective network gear for your home or for your company? With brands like Cisco in our stock, you’ll be able to find just the right router or switch to do the trick.

Lowest Prices Around

Price & Compare

We put value on being the low-cost leader, especially in this competitive market. We look at all of our pricing and do our best to beat the competition. Here you’ll find the best overall value for a new computer systems and more.

Shop Online

Don’t want to leave the safety and confines of your home? You can shop all of our inventory online. Just click the link on the menu, and you’ll be directed to our online store. It’s easy to navigate and safe being protected by the best encryption available.

Try It Out

One of the advantages of coming down to our store is that you’ll be able to look at, hold, and try out the equipment before you buy it. Need more memory? No problem! Our on-staff techs can update any device you choose to your specs while you wait. Not sure if that laptop will fit in your book bag, bring that bag in and try a laptop on for size!

90 Day Warranty

Got You Covered

All of our systems, and equipment is refurbished and checked for any potential issues. We’ve got you covered with an industry leading 90 days, just in case something unexpected happens.

Free Returns

In most cases we offer free returns if you are unhappy with the purchase. That way you do not have to sweat paying the return shipping bill. We’ll keep everything simple for you, that way if anything goes wrong, you have nothing to worry about.