CRT Computer Monitor Recycle

Save the Enviroment

Properly Dispose of Old CRT’s

Still have some of those old fashion, big square CRT monitors? No problem, we will handle and properly recycle these ancient relics for a small price.

CRT’s are such a pain. Give us a call, we can help!

CRT Computer Monitor Recycle Overview

Having a difficult time finding a recycler that is willing to take those old CRT monitors? For a very low price we have the proper facilities to take in any amount that you may still be holding onto. Now that the expiration date has come and gone on these old relics, there is never a better time to begin offloading them, and freeing up some valuable space. Call us today to schedule a pick-up, or stop by anytime during work hours and drop them off yourself.

After hearing horror stories of other recyclers dumping CRT’s into local Missouri fields, and their clients taking on hefty fines, is it not important to be able to know and trust the company that is working for you? We are a professionally ran company that’s staffed with IT experts, with designed processes that work to significantly reduce the overall impact on the environment. We live this, and we have the tract record to prove it!

CRT’s are filled with toxic chemicals, that’s why it requires a special disposal method designed to reduce any negative impact, and capture those noxious gasses to keep them from leaking out into the atmosphere. These processes get very costly and those cost are usually passed onto you. We work to reduce the cost to a much more manageable amount. If you have any additional equipment to recycle, we will work hard to use that equipment to offset the amount.

Safe Disposal
CRT Computer Monitor & Television Recycle
Ecologically Responsible
CRT Computer Monitor & Television Recycle
Certified Recycler
CRT Computer Monitor & Television Recycle
Approved Items & Pricing
CRT Computer Monitor & Television Recycle

Safe Disposal Service

Toxic Metals & Gases

This is why CRT’s screens are a big concern and must be handled properly. These old style screens contain large amounts of lead, which can be toxic when exposed to humans. They also contain phosphor dust, which is also very toxic to humans.

Why Is There A Cost?

There are costs associated with recycling old CRT Monitors and Televisions. This is because there are required special practices that go into safely removing the toxic components, and these practices also have a cost to them.

Handled By Experts

Why take the risk of exposing yourself to harmful materials, and why risk circumventing very stringent laws by doing anything else with this kind of equipment? Allow us to take that weight off your hands.

Certified Recycler

Safety First, Thanks Us Later

It’s so important that when we deal with things like those pesky old CRT monitors and those big old TV’s, that we do so in a responsible way.  There are very poisonous & dangerous gases that are emitted, and if you’re not careful they can leak out.

Dispose Responsibly

Handled With Care

It’s important to know that the company you work with is authentically taking care of these potential hazardous items. The last thing you want is to be another victim in a news story about hired recyclers dumping items irresponsibly.


Sometimes it takes clear actions to prevent ecological disasters at any level. We must all do our parts to prevent such things from ever happening. If you choose the wrong company, who is to say they are actually doing their part correctly.

The Law Is The Law

Missouri, and even the United States, have very strict laws in regards to how these items are handled, and with good reason. Fall outside those procedures just a little, and you are now breaking the law without even realizing it.

Your Approved Items & Pricing List

Approved Items List

Please click here to check out our list of approved items if you have any questions about what we’ll accept, and if there might be any costs associated with it.

Frequently Asked Questions

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