A great article from Loopcr.uk came to our attention and we love the points it brings up. Here’s our thoughts on their points:

1. Environmentally Sustainable – Finding a new purpose for old equipment is a great way to be eco-friendly. PC-Magazine has some great uses for old computers listed on their site.
2. Data Wiping Care – ask your refurbishment provider if they use secure data wiping technology to ensure you have peace of mind that your data is non recoverable. Red Leaf shreds hard drives with an industrial shredder to completely destroy the physical device on which data is stored.
3. Keep Those RAW Material Off Landfills – Unfortunately, not everything can be reused. Red Leaf will assist in putting what we can back into a working state but not all materials can. Raw materials that we break down are sent to our certified partners for eco-friendly recycling.
4. Vintage Appeal – It’s nice to look back and reminisce on days gone by. We reflect with Throwback Thursdays on equipment we’ve saved and gotten working again. Follow us on Instagram and like our Facebook page for lots of examples.

There are several additional reasons we could mention about the benefits of reusing old computer, but the one that comes to mind most often is cost savings. Software and Hardware today gives the consumer the ability to wipe clean and reload old devices and upgrade hardware with more horsepower to get the job done. Also, sometimes older hardware and software can do a better job at keeping a task simple and efficient. Reusing can cut down on unpredictability and bugs that come along with the latest and greatest version of software upgrades.

All in all, at Red Leaf, we focus exclusively on what’s best for your family or business. Every member of our staff has a technical background and can help you make an educated decision on what will improve your life and save you money while keeping everything possible out of the landfill.

Source article: http://loopcr.uk/4-benefits-of-reusing-your-old-computer-or-laptop/