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Onsite Data


We'll come to you with a truck and a heavy duty shredder that will physically destroy hard drives, ssd drives, discs, tapes, and other media on location.

Quick, Easy, and Secure.

Onsite Data Shredding Overview

In this time and age data breaches are a very serious concern. What is sometimes overlooked is just how easily one link in the chain can cause the whole system to fail. In some circumstances it is necessary to take extra precautions to ensure the integrity of our security.

That is why we offer onsite data shredding services. With a solid guarantee that no data ever leaves the grounds, our client’s can rest assure that any potential threat of a weak link in the chain will be eliminated. Data is dealt with then and there, it is recorded and documented all without ever stepping foot off grounds.

Combined with our “High Yielding IT Asset Recovery” service, we are able to offset most, if not all, the costs that come associated with this service. Send us home with some equipment that still may have value, and we’ll cover the costs of our trip, and shredding service to the best of our ability.

Secured Procedures
On-Site Data Shredding
Onsite Professionalism
On-Site Data Shredding
Quick Powerful Shredding
On-Site Data Shredding
Acceptable Media List
On-Site Data Shredding

Secured Procedures

Secure A Peace Of Mind

Our processes and procedures for handling On-Site data have been refined to offer the best overall solution available.  Rest easy knowing that your data destruction needs are being handled by people that take security very seriously.

Data Safety First

We put the safety of your sensitive data first. We know the importance of preventing data breaches and what it means if anything is compromised. We will insure that no data leaks will ever occur.

Clean Record

Sometimes it’s nice to know that the company you work for has a record of excellence in important areas like data security. Thanks to our stringent procedures, we are proud to say we are incident free all the way back to our humble beginnings.

Quick and Powerful Shredding

High Powered Shredder

With our powerful industrial shredder, we are able to eat through even the toughest of hard disk media. There’s nothing we can throw at it that won’t crumble down to little pieces, securing the destruction of all data.

Timely Visits

Why wait for anything slower? Our shredder can pulverize drives quickly and efficiently, leaving more time for you. Don’t want to wait forever to complete a job, then call Red Leaf IT today!

Unrecoverable Data

On-Site Professionalism

Fully Vetted Employees

All of the employees that will ever step foot on your grounds are fully vetted, with background checks, and industry experience. Rest assured you will be working with some of the highest quality help you can find in this industry.

Dressed For Success

All of the employees abide by a specific dress code and will not enter your premises dressed down, or looking like they just rolled out of bed. It’s important to maintain an image, and we will do everything not to impose on yours.

Security Minded

Our people have data security at the forefront of their minds. We’ll never put aside your the needs of our clients in these regards because we understand the importance of breach prevention.

On-Site Professionalism

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