Commercial Pick-Ups

Why Come To Us,

When We’ll Come To You?

We make it easy to recycle assets. Red Leaf specializes in prompt, professional removal and transportation of your equipment to our secure facility. Our teams have the experience necessary to ensure a quick and efficient process that will have minimal impact on the work environment of your office. We are professionals and our attire represents the pride we have in our company and the respect for yours. Call us to schedule a pick-up, or we can call you on an agreed upon rotation. Anytime you are ready, we are here to help.

Let us provide a free bid for your equipment. We’ll give you an honest valuation of your equipment and explain our process fully.

On-Site Commercial Pick-Up Service Overview

One of the things that has always set our pick-up service apart from other companies is our desire to maximize the returns on the equipment that we receive. This means that you will save significantly by using Red Leaf for your asset recovery needs. We have comprehensive knowledge of I.T. equipment. We put our knowledge to work and explain whether we will be able to offset associated costs, such as pickup fees, performing a comprehensive inventory of your items, hard-drive destruction, etc. Maximizing your return helps you procure new assets to replace the old. We work hard to outbid our competition, so before you do anything else, check out our services and what we offer for your equipment.

We make the process easy and non-intrusive. We send everyone and everything required to quickly and quietly pack and remove all the equipment without affecting your day-to-day operations. Our team is professionally attired and we work with you to ensure the meets the needs of each onsite scenario.

Do you already have a solution?  Do you receive compensation for items that still have value? Have you ever wondered if you are getting a good price for your equipment? It is our goal to ensure you feel fairly compensated. Let us pick up your equipment and we’ll bring it back to our facility, where we analyze each item and determine its value. Even if our initial quote showed no residual value, if we find something that does we’ll be sure that you are paid for it. We pride ourselves in our honesty and integrity, so you can be sure that we will pay you for any items we discover have value in the marketplace, and any costs you incur will be as low as possible.

We Come To You
On-Site Commercial Pick-Ups
Pack & Load Everything
On-Site Commercial Pick-Ups
Appointments & Drop-Offs
On-Site Commercial Pick-Ups
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On-Site Commercial Pick-Ups
Free Bids
On-Site Commercial Pick-Ups

We Come To You

Call For An Appointment

Call today to see how we are able to assist you by making piles of old equipment disappear. We’ll provide you with a free bid or quote, and all the necessary man power to physically remove it.

Free Electronic Estimate

Not ready for a pick up yet? All we need is a good idea of what you have, and how much you have. Send us a list, some photos and from that we’ll be able to evaluate the gear.  Onsite evaluations are also an option.

Full Service

We’ll provide everything required to physically remove the equipment from your facility.  Man power, carts and lifts; we are efficient and professional. We’ll go the extra mile to make being green easy and profitable for your business.

Quick Turnaround

We are available Monday through Friday during normal business hours and are able to schedule your service quickly. We’ll work with you to ensure that we accommodate every request to the best of our ability.

On-Site Professionalism

Vetted Employees

All of our employees are fully vetted, background checked, and industry experienced, so you can rest easy. Find peace in knowing who will be on-site and that they will be professional, knowledgeable, and respectful.

Dressed For Success

Our employees take pride in their appearance and exhibit the highest levels of professionalism at all times. Our clean cut, professional, and courteous employees will quickly and quietly make that gear disappear!

Work with Efficiency

Our staff all have experience, and will work quickly and quietly to assist in the removal of your equipment. We value your time and aim to please by making your experience with us as efficient as possible.

Knowledge is Power!

Our staff all have a strong, working knowledge of the I.T. industry and our recycling and refurbishment process. You’ll be glad that you chose us to handle all your asset recovery needs.

We Pack & Load Everything

Provide Everything

We’ll bring everything that is needed to safely transport the equipment off your premises in a timely manner. We will work directly with you on special projects and provide all necessary equipment.

Don’t Lift A Finger

Our people will handle the heavy work. IF there are items big or small, we’ll have everything we need in order to extract the equipment. Just let us know if there are any items that may need special attention.

Free Bids & Quotes

Pay Less, Pay Nothing

We work very closely with our clients in order to maximize the value of their equipment. As a result, we are able to lower or eliminate the amount you pay, and in some cases you may get a check from us for the residual value in your equipment.

Call or Email

In order to get started, just give us a call with an idea of what equipment you have. Or contact us with a list of the equipment you need removed. We’ll take it from there, and give you a quick, honest answer.

Compare Us

Compare us to your current solution. We have surprised many clients in the past that were happy to receive larger checks, and less hassle than if they had stuck with their previous provider.

Scheduled Appointments & On-Demand Drop-Offs


Call us right away to get an idea what you equipment might be valued at, and set a time and date that works best for you. We’ll answer all your questions and walk you through our process so there won’t be any surprises.

Stop In

If you are in the neighborhood, or have some equipment to drop off, then feel free to stop by during our normal business hours. For heavy equipment or large loads call ahead to let us know you’re on the way, stop at the front to let us know you’ve arrived, and pull around back. Our staff will take it from there!


Do you have a list of your equipment ready? Do you want a quick response and free estimate. Just contact us and someone we’ll respond to you in a timely fashion.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Do We Charge For A Pickup?

There is no easy or straight answer to this question.  We go out of our way to not have to charge you anything for our pickup service.  However, there are many factors that can affect the outcome.  For a more detailed explanation, see the link directly below:

Here is how we break it down


How quickly can we be scheduled?

This depends on our current workload.  Generally we are able to schedule you within the work week, however there may be times when it could be a little longer than that.  Please contact us to schedule a pick-up appointment, and we’ll be able to provide you all of the options at that time.


What’s the minimum you’ll pick up?

There is no minimum. However, if there is not enough value in that equipment that covers our operational costs, we may have to send a bill.  Rest assured, you’ll get the maximum value from your old equipment.

What’s the maximum you’ll pick up?

There is no maximum amount.  No matter the amount, we can schedule the right amount of resources for the task to ensure an efficient experience for you. Contact us to start the process and free up much needed space in your storage rooms and possibly add some dollars to your bottom line.

How much will you pay us for equipment?

As with everything in the world of technology, changes happen fast. Values of technology also change very quickly, so providing a general estimate isn’t possible. Regardless, our staff will strive to help you understand costs and values of our industry and explain every detail of the process. Send us a list of the equipment that you want to recycle and we’ll give you an accurate estimate of it’s value. No list? No problem! You can trust us to come pick up the equipment, create a comprehensive inventory, and send a list back to you along with expected values and/or charges. We’re a team and the more money we can earn for you, the better.

What if we do not have a list of our equipment?

A list is not required! Give us an estimate of the amount of equipment you have, we’ll come pick it up, and make the list for you. You can trust us to expertly handle the equipment, provide a comprehensive inventory of the items we picked up, and share all the details with you all for the absolute minimum cost, if any.

How will we know what you picked up from us?

We can work from a list you’ve given to us, or, if you need a comprehensive list of all the items you’ve given to us, we’re happy to perform a complete inventory of all the items for a very reasonable fee. Contact us for details on pricing structure. Know that we’re here to help you make a smart decision, and we aim to make recycling easy, efficient, and possibly profitable for you.

What if you pick up something valuable that we did not know about?

You will be informed as quickly as possible. We will then make sure you’re paid for that item. We aim to make our process as transparent as possible and aim to provide all the information you need to keep accurate records and maybe even help fund future IT projects.

What if we are unhappy with the offer you make?

We strive to maximize the value of everything we pick up from you. Because of our dedication to this practice, we’ve never had to return any equipment to any of our clients. However, if we can’t come to an agreement, we can make arrangements to drop everything back off at your location. Your satisfaction is the most important part of what we do. We put you first and that’s why we have so many satisfied customers.

Do you provide data destruction services?

We do provide both onsite and off-site data destruction services. To learn more, check out our data destruction pages.


How many people will you send?

We generally send two employees and a box truck.  However there may be scenarios that may require more power, and in those cases we’ll gather the resources needed and keep you informed of what to expect.

Will your people be quiet and professional?

Our employees all go through a rigorous pre-screening process to ensure that we only hire the best of the best. Our onsite employees will be dressed professionally, and will respect the atmosphere in which they are working.  They will be quick, quiet, and will not affect your day to day operations.


How should we prepare for Red Leaf’s arrival?

There aren’t strict requirements.  However, we appreciate if the equipment is presorted and located in an easily accessible area like a loading dock, preferably close to where our truck will be parked. Stairs can create difficulties, so we prefer to avoid them, if possible. Placing the gear in boxes or on pallets will speed the process up, but again, it’s not required.

What kind of truck will be arriving?

Generally we will be sending one of our big red box trucks.  These trucks are able to park in docks for easier loading, but also have lift gates in case there are no docks available at the location.


Do we need to have someone present during the pickup?

Yes, someone will need to be present during the pickup.  They will need to let our onsite professionals into the building, guide them to the equipment, and be ready to sign a small amount of paperwork.  If this is not possible, please contact us and we’ll work something out.

Does Red Leaf require a loading dock?

No, we do not require a loading dock.  However, the onsite professionals will need a place to park that is accessible to the building.


What happens to the equipment you pickup?

We bring it back to our facility, sort through it, and create a list of any equipment with value, or a detailed list for a small fee. Anything with value will be recorded and you’ll be informed of it’s value. The equipment is then prepared to be re-marketed, or responsibly recycled. All of our efforts go towards making our planet a better place for all of us. Let us remove your equipment and we’ll make absolutely sure that it costs you and the earth as little as possible.

Is there anything you will not pickup?

Please see our list of approved and non-approved items before committing to a pickup.