The answer, in short, is that it varies a bit because every pick up is different.

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that we rarely ever charge for a commercial pick up and it is our goal not to.

We will come to your location, in our big red truck, pick up the things you’ve set aside for us to transport it all back to our facility.  From there it all is carefully inventoried.  We will try to never send you a bill, and we will pay you for the items that have value!

How does that work?  One of the things that sets us apart, is that we work hard to maximize the value of the gear that we receive from you.  This way we can give you more money than what you’d probably expect anywhere else.  If you offer to drop your gear off at our location then you can receive an even bigger check from us!

Unfortunately, not everyone makes money from us, sometimes we do have to charge for the services we offer.  It all depends on how much traffic we have in your area already, how far away you are from our home base, how much equipment you are looking to have processed, and how much residual value is in that equipment.

In short, as long as we cover our costs to come to your location (labor, gas, and recycling fees) a percentage of the remainder will end up back in your hands.

If you’re uncertain what your equipment is worth, or just want to know how much we can pay you, then go to our “Request A Free Bid!” page and submit your list to us.

What do you have to lose?  We know you’ll be pleasantly surprised when you compare us to your current solution.