Local Residential Pick-Ups

Time To Clean Out The Basement? Estate Sale A Bust?  Give us a call!

We make it easy to recycle old computers, printers, or any electronics taking up valuable space in your garage or closets. Red Leaf specializes in prompt, professional removal and transportation of your equipment to our secure facility. Call us to schedule a quick pick up for a nominal fee. Or you are welcome to drop off your devices free of charge to our facility. *Please note: heavy CRT’s require extra hands to get them on the scale for weight – please call before bringing in TV’s over 50 lbs to ensure muscle is in the house.

For a small fee, we’ll send help to clean out your excess equipment

Local In-Home Residential Pick-Up Service

Our convenient location in the Chesterfield Valley not only allows us to help businesses in the Greater St. Louis area, but many local residences as well. We are happy to accept personal electronic for recycling.  If you have equipment taking up space in the garage or basement and dread lugging out to the next recycling event, we have a better solution.

We will schedule a day to stop by your place at your convenience. With truck and a set of strong hands, you don’t lift a finger. We care about your property, so we take every precaution to keep your paint and corners intact. 

Thank you for helping us keep these materials out of the landfills, and standing together to create a more beautiful world for our children, their children,and beyond.  Call today to schedule a pick-up, and we’ll get you on the next residential run.

In-Home Professionals
Free Electronic Recycling
Earn Cash For Specific Equipment
Free In-Store Drop-Off Available

In-Home Professionals

We’ll Cover Our Tracks

We’ll treat your home as our own. We’ll be mindful of your things, and do what is necessary quickly, quietly, and with care.

Quick & Quiet

We’ll be in and out of your home quickly. Gathering all of your pickup items together ahead of time in an easily accessible area will ensure that we’re in and out as fast as possible.


All of our employees are put through a background check, and are vetted for industry knowledge. You can rest easy while our trusted employees do all the heavy lifting.

Earn Cash For Specific Items

Market Value

We’ll take a close look at all of the items that you are recycling, and if we find something that still has significant market value, then you can bet we’ll be sharing some of that value with you.

Free Estimates

Would you like to know if your items have any market value? Feel free to email us with a list of your items, or give us a call during normal business hours. We’ll respond quickly with a free estimate.

What Has Value?

The value of computers and other electronics tend to drop quickly. Some items hold their value better than others. No matter what, we’re up front and honest about an items’ worth since we know technology well. If you’re unsure whether an item has value, reach out to us and ask. We’re here to help.

Free Electronic Recycling

Free Recycling

There is just one flat fee for the pick-up service, and we’ll recycle all of your electronics (see list of approved items) for no additional cost, whether it’s a few items or a basement full.

Don’t Lift A Finger

We’ll provide the heavy lifting power, and the tools that will be needed in order to safely and quickly extract the equipment from your home or premises. You can just sit back and relax and start making plans for that newly cleaned space.

Check Our List Of Accepted Items

We’ll recycle most electronics for free, there are some necessary exceptions so we invite you to take a look at the “Approved Items List” to better understand if there could be any additional charges. Or just just give us a call if you have questions.

Free In-Store Drop-Off Available

You’ve Got Options

Isn’t it great to know you’ve got options? We are conveniently located in the Chesterfield Valley, and offer free electronic drop-offs during normal business hours.

Avoid Additional Fees

By taking the time to drop your equipment of with us at our retail location, you can avoid the pick-up fee altogether. That’s more money in your pocket just for doing what’s right for the environment.

Check Out Our Selection

While you’re here dropping off your electronics, you can take a minute to look at all the laptops, computers, tablets, and more that we offer at heavily discounted rates. Try them out and test them in person at our store.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is our service area?

Due to certain restrictions, we are only able to offer this service for the following locations:

Chesterfield, Saint Peters, Town & Country, Creve Coeur, Ladue, Maryland Heights, Ladue, Clayton, Brentwood, Richmond Heights, Frontenac.

*If you are interested in this service, but you do not see your location in this list, you may contact us to see if there can be an exception made.

What is the cost for this service?

There is a base cost of $100 for the pickup, which must be processed upfront.  There could be additional costs included if you are recycling certain items; please check our Approved List for Recycling for more info.

This service includes two onsite professionals and a truck. We’ll do all the heavy lifting for you.  If we find anything that has remarket value, we’ll take it off the total price for the pickup.


How quickly can we be scheduled?

Our scheduling for this service varies, and mostly depends on our volume.  Please contact us directly, and we’ll be able to give you a more straight forward answer.


What is the minimum Red Leaf will pickup?

There is no minimum.


What is the maximum Red Leaf will pickup?

There is no maximum. However if you suspect there could possibly be more than a truck load, we just ask that you inform us beforehand.


How much will you pay us for equipment?

Every pickup is different since everyone has different equipment, so there is no easy answer. The best way to grasp this figure would be to send us a list of the equipment that you are recycling beforehand.  With a list we’re able to give a more accurate number.

What if we do not have a list of the equipment?

A list is not required, though it is preferred.


How will we know what you picked up from us?

If you like, our onsite professionals will create a general list of the items they are receiving at the time of the pickup. Though it is recommended that you create your own list beforehand.


Do you provide data destruction services?

We do provide offsite data destruction services for residential pickups.

Will your people be quiet and professional?

Our employees all go through a rigorous pre-screening process to ensure that we only hire the best of the best. Our onsite employees will be dressed professionally, and will respect the atmosphere in which they are working. They will be quick, quiet, and will not have an impact on your home.


How should I prepare for Red Leaf’s arrival?

We have no requirements when it comes to this. However, our onsite professionals would appreciate if the equipment is located in an area that is easy to access, where they might be able to roll carts to, and preferably close to where the truck will be parked. Stairs can create difficulties, and are preferred to be avoided, if possible.


What kind of vehicle will be arriving?

Generally we will be sending one of our big red box trucks with a lift gate, and we will need a place to safely park it.


Do I need to be present during the pickup?

Yes, someone will need to be present during the pickup.  Someone will need to be able to let our onsite professionals into the home, guide them to the equipment, and be ready to sign a small amount of paperwork.


Is there anything that you will not pick up?

Please see our list of approved and non-approved items before committing to a pickup.


What happens to the equipment after Red Leaf has picked it up?

We bring it back to our facility, sort through it. The equipment is then prepared to be re-marketed, or processed down and properly recycled. Nothing we pick up will be sent directly out of the country, we only work with vendors within the United States, this prevents us from contributing to the spreading problem of open dump sites.