How does it work?

One of the most common questions that we receive, from our business contacts, is about our “Commercial Pickups” and “IT Asset Recovery” services and how it all works together.

So the “Commercial Pickups” is the bases for all of our business.  It is where we got started, where we see the most success, and where we strive to be the best.

Most of the positive feedback comes from our Commercial Pickup customers, and that’s because they’ve seen many similar businesses come and go, and even worked with some of them.  However, our desire to disrupt this market and change the way Electronic Recycling and IT Asset Recovery is viewed will leave a lasting impact almost every single time!

Some of our biggest clients have become accustomed to being presented with a bill after a service request from their previous solutions.  This has been the norm for a lot of companies, big and small.  What they expected with us was to no longer see a bill, however what they got instead was an actual check of the profit shares!

Another common thing some of our clients might see is a scenario where they must split the equipment and either ship it, or give it, to many different dealers/vendors.  Some only accepting certain items, and not others or vice versa.  We want to offer you a complete all-in-one solution that you can feel confident about, and not have to worry about shuffling through several connections.

But why would anyone use only Red Leaf IT?  Because we are IT professionals, and we work the hardest to maximize your return on any and all equipment.  Whether it be recycled for scrap, or refurbished and sold on a retail market.  We keep everything in the United States and make sure that you are paid the most for everything, period!

Sure we’ve got all the necessary requirements, certifications, and many recommendations, but what it mostly comes down to is our customer service. We work very closely with our clients, make sure they are happy with everything, and we’ll customize service to meet their very specific needs. We’ll send highly knowledgeable staff to perform the extractions, and work in a very professional manner.

So how do we get started?

If you would like an idea of how much we can pay you for your equipment, then I would start with sending in a “Free Bid Request” You can use the form mailer on the website, or you can email it to There are some cases were we can send one of our representatives to your location, and we can do a free on-site valuation.

If you either do not care about how much we can pay you, or just want to get the ball rolling, then the best thing to do would be to give us a call at (636) 778-9658, and speak with one of our representatives directly.

In all cases, we’ll bring the equipment/gear back to our facility.  Then we’ll go through all of it and create an inventory document.  Once the inventory is created, we’ll send you a copy for your records, and we’ll make our final offer to you.  If for any reason you do not accept our offer (this has never happened in all of our years), we will return everything back to your facility.  If you do accept our offer, we’ll print and send you a check (in a lot of cases).

It should also be noted that we do accept drop-offs as well.  This option can save time and money if you are nearby, and have the ability to transport it to our location.  Find more details about our location on our “Contact Us” page.

I hope this gives you a better idea, but if you have any questions please feel free to contact us right away. We have online chat available for questions, a phone line, and direct email are all at your disposal.