Asset Recovery – We Make It Easy for You

There is no better way to stretch your technology budget and go green at the same time than by
returning viable equipment into the marketplace to be used by other entities for years to come.
Your company can cut down on e-waste and extend the product life cycles of unused, surplus
equipment. You can feel good about reducing your carbon footprint without straining your resources.

Red Leaf IT Asset Recovery and Recycling is as the name implies, a company dedicated to recovering
as much of your IT investment as possible. We purchase decommissioned IT assets that still have
residual value, and we facilitate the Recycling and or Data Destruction for the gear that does not.

What is different about Red Leaf is that we are an IT company that specializes in monetizing your
equipment. Our extensive experience in the used equipment market ensures that your company will be
well compensated should your equipment still have resale value. We provide a revenue source that
can help significantly offset the cost of your new, upgraded technology.

Check out how easy it is:

We help the environment by utilizing industry leading green processes and policies for reuse and  recycling, enabling our customers to fulfill their corporate green initiatives.

Red Leaf’s process is simple, sustainable and profitable for your business. Our Secure Chain of  Custody ensures your assets are guarded through the process of pick-up, device inventory, data deletion, and recycling.

Documentation includes purchase order confirmation, Certificate of Data Destruction and Certificate of Recycling where applicable. This documentation provides our clients with the empirical data necessary to ensure their devices have been handled correctly and with the highest integrity.

Red Leaf is fully compliant with the Environmental Protection Agency, Missouri Department of  Natural Resources, and applicable City and County authorities. Red Leaf utilizes RIOS/ R2 Certified Electronics Recycling process, and is E-Cycle Certified with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources.RL Process