IT Asset Recovery & Recycling Solutions serving the Saint Louis area

Red Leaf IT Asset Recovery and Recycling is a company dedicated to recovering as much of your IT investment as possible. We purchase decommissioned IT assets that still have residual value, and we facilitate the Recycling and or Data Destruction for the gear that does not.

IT Asset Recovery

What is different about Red Leaf is that we are an IT company that specializes in monetizing your equipment. We provide a revenue source that can help significantly offset the cost of your new, upgraded technology.

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Red Leaf utilizes a professional staff to remove your decommissioned IT Equipment with minimal interruption to your work environment. We treat our customers and their equipment with respect.

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Data Destruction

CERTIFIED DESTRUCTION: We can provide documentation that identifies your hard drive and when it was shredded. Certified destruction services are also available for unwanted or obsolete products.

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Electronic Recycling

Most electronics are 100% recyclable. Red Leaf can help your organization liquidate legacy equipment and ensure proper disposal. Our recycling services keep equipment out of landfills.

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IT Asset Recovery – Sell your decommissioned equipment

Remarketing is recognized as the friendliest form of recycling, it can also be a profitable way to recoup some of your investment in IT assets. Should your decommissioned IT equipment still have resale value, Red Leaf will make an offer to purchase your equipment based on current market value.

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Electronics Recycling

As new technologies are introduced, the decommissioned equipment must be liquidated. Some of this equipment still has resale value, and can be purchased specifically for resale. However, the reality is that most of this equipment has reached “end of life” with the manufacturer, and the costs of transport, cleaning, and testing the equipment is greater than the potential resale value.

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Red Leaf IT Asset Recovery is a registered Electronics Recycler with the Missouri Department of Natural Resources

In February 2006, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources organized an Electronic Scrap Stakeholder Workgroup to get input on what direction Missouri should take to manage e-scrap. A partnership evolved that includes private, public and nonprofit recyclers, federal, state and local governments, manufacturers, environmental groups and retail organizations. The group decided its goal was to put in place a framework for reusing, recycling and disposing e-scrap in Missouri in an economically sustainable fashion without threatening the environment. This partnership developed a three pronged strategy called e-cycle Missouri:

  1. Missouri E-cycling Standards, also known as MOEST – A set of Best Management Practices for electronic equipment recyclers and demanufacturers to help make sure these services protect the environment.
  2. Voluntary Tiered Registration Levels – To promote the adoption of MOEST by companies that collect and process e-scrap, four levels of registration were created. Each level represents an increasing commitment to follow MOEST and adopt additional environmental controls. Individuals or businesses can confidently choose a recycler at the registration level that best meets their needs.
  3. Education and Outreach – Raising public awareness of the environmental impacts associated with discarded electronics is a key part of the e-cycle Missouri education and outreach activities. These efforts also include the how and where part of the equation by providing the Missouri eCycle website.