Red Leaf IT Asset Recovery & Recycling

One Stop Solution

Red Leaf provides every service you need to be able to remove, recycle and profit from all of your unused I.T. equipment.

Fully Certified

We have acquired all certifications so you can rest easy knowing that everything will be handled and processed properly.

Giving Back to the Community

Finding new and effective ways to give back to the same local communities that have supported our tremendous growth.


High Yielding
IT Asset Recovery

Does your old or unused electronic gear still have value?  Allow us to bid on those items for more cash than the other guys.  We’ll even pick it up!


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Electronic Recycling

Do you have old or unused electronics that you would like to just get out of your hair?  We will recycle any electronic equipment you may have.


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On-Site Commercial

Why come to us, when we can come to you?  Most of the time we can cover the pick-up costs from the equipment we are receiving from your company.


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Local Residential

Do you you need to clean out your garage or basement?  For a small flat fee we will come to any local residence, pick-up, and recycle any electronic gear.  We also pay for items with value.


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Data Destruction

We offer multiple and certified data destruction services, with new ways to save you even more money than before, all while maintaining a calm sense of certainty.


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Data Shredding

We’ll come to you with a truck and a heavy duty shredder that will physically destroy hard drives, SSD drives, discs, tapes, and other media on location.


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Free In-Store
Electronic Drop Off

Are you in the neighborhood?  Do you live or work close by?  Feel free to drop in and bring us most any electronic equipment that you would like to have recycled.


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CRT Computer Monitor

Still have some of those old fashion, big square CRT monitors?  No problem, we  will handle and properly recycle these ancient relics for a small price.


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Discounted Retail Store

Chesterfield, MO

Looking for a new computer or laptop?  Do you need to fill that new office with LCD monitors?  Come down to our retail store, located in Chesterfield, MO, and view our stock first hand.


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Online Web Store

(Free Shipping)

Shop our online store from the comfort of your own home.  We list most of our items on our web store, and offer free shipping on most orders.  Be the first to see new inventory as it comes in.


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Free In-Store Pick-Up

Chesterfield, MO

Do you want to order something from our web store, but do not want to wait for shipping?  Choose “In-Store Pick-Up” during checkout, so you pick it up yourself with no shipping fees.


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Parts & Components

Buying Price List

Are you looking to sell parts and components?  Have a box full of RAM or motherboards?  Check out our price list and see how much money you can walk away with.


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“In my experience I have never seen a better managed company in my life! Whoever does the hiring should be commended for bringing together such an awesome team of employees. They knock down doors, and will not stop until the entire worlds knows the name "Red Leaf IT Asset Recovery & Recycling.". ”

Jim GardnerBusiness Owner

“My office is filled to the brim with computers, laptops and other IT equipment. I'm drowning in my own technology! Most of this stuff has value, so I decided it was time to clear all this gear out by calling Red Leaf IT to have them come and pick it up, and remove it from my office! They even gave me money for everything! Now that my space is cleared, i have plenty of room for our next big load of equipment that's coming in today.”

Joe QuezadaTechnical Supervisor

“My PS4 was just not cutting it... I needed more power in my life! I wanted to reach the top of the biggest mountain to look down at all the console peasants below, and say loudly "I am the PC master race, and better than all of you!" So I ran down to Red Leaf IT and bought a new amazing gaming PC from their store... and I have never looked back! Now, one year later, I have since married a super model, won the lottery, and i swim in the tears of my defeated foes.... thank you Red Leaf IT!”

Javon HowardTechnical Support

“Some nights it can get very cold in the park and my bench can be very rigid and uncomfortable. So one day I decided to go down to Red Leaf IT and spend a little time digging through their trash. I found several old CRT monitors that were discarded! So I ran an extension cord from my closest neighbor's backyard, and I can now sleep in the comfort of all the heat that is radiated off all these old CRT's. I Would recommend to friends!”

Danny SchnarreStreet Pauper

Commericial Pick-Ups

Service to businesses in and around the St. Louis area.

Residential Pick-Ups

Flat rate, low cost, solutions for help cleaning out their homes, basements, garages or other storage areas.

Low Cost

We will happily offset any pick-up costs by finding residual value in the gear we receive.

Come Visit Our Retail Location

Conveniently located near the Outlet Mall in Chesterfield, MO. All of the items we sell are available for purchase at our retail store location.

Free In-Store Pick-Ups

If you purchase anything online, you can come down to our store to pick-up your items for free at anytime during our normal hours of operation.

Free Drop-Off

If you have any electronics or old computers that you would like to recycle, you can bring them down to our location and drop them off. Anything that has significant value, you will get paid for.

Amazing Deals

We have some of the lowest cost electronic and computers in the city. All of our products are tested, refurbished and come with a warranty.

Amazing People

Whether it's on-site or at our store, you can always feel assured in knowing that each employee is vetted, professional and willing to help you with any concerns you may have.

News & Updates

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November 20, 2017

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Holiday Promotions
November 17, 2017

Happy Thanksgiving from Red Leaf IT!

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